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Anna Belfrage

Joanna Courtney
Ferrari History

Richard Dee
The Future of History & Historical Fiction 

Helen Hollick
Did the English Fleet Meet Duke William At Sea?
Why Did Harold Go To Normandy?
Anglo Saxons and Their Horses
Our cover helmet...

G.K. Holloway
to be added

Carol McGrath
The Early Medieval Countryside
The Enchantment of the Bayeux Tapestry
The Sreets in Late Medieval London
The River Thames in Medieval Times
Who was Edyth Swanneck?

Alison Morton
So, alternative history?
Time and its Alternative
Speculative Fiction

Eliza Redgold
Imagine Horses

Annie Whitehead
The Senses in Anglo-Saxon England
From Mrs Gaskell's Tower to the Silverdale Hoard
AD937 - the Birth of English Politics
Defining 'Nobility' in Later Anglo-Saxon England
Wealth, Power and Influence - the Later Anglo-Saxon nobility
Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians - a Queen in all but name
Aethelflaed's attack on Llangorse, June19th AD916
Date night with an Anglo-Saxon
1066 The Mercian Project 
Military Service in Tenth-Century England

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