The trouble with time travel (and writing about it).

The trouble with time travel (and writing about it).

By Richard Dee.

I'm ploughing a lonely furrow here, a Science Fiction writer surrounded by Historical Fiction of sumptuous quality. I chose to write Sci-fi for two reasons, first because it's always fascinated me and second because, being inherently lazy, I thought that it would need less research. After all, how can you research the future? I was wrong but that's another story.

Which brings me to time travel, now there’s a subject to set you thinking. Whether it’s Back to The Future, The Terminator or The Time Travellers Wife we all love the idea of time travel. After all, there are bound to be things in all our pasts that we would secretly love to change? 

There must be something you wish you had done differently; if you only had a chance. If you could invent some kind of machinery to transport you, or discover the knack, even better if you were born with the ability. And the possibility of actually observing history would get a lot of people excited. I suspect that a lot of textbooks would also need to be re-written.

The Time Machine (1960), H.G.Wells.

But would it be as simple as all that? Surely there must be rules to follow to stop you unwittingly destroying civilisation as we know it?

Everyone knows you can’t kill your grandparents before they became your parent’s parents and that anything that you might change can cause all sorts of things that you never expected. Watch The Butterfly Effect to see what I mean.

So care would be advisable if you actually could travel back in time. Things might not work out like you expect.

And how about writing about time travel, is it just another job for your average writer or is there more to it than that? 

If you want to know more; on my website I've written a longer article on the subject. As a bonus, there's another time travel short story available at the end of the post. Just click this link to go straight there.

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