Our Cover and the Helmet

Yes, we know that helmet on our cover isn't quite right for 1066. 
It probably - if you want to be picky-accurate - would date to about 150-200 years earlier.

The most famous Saxon helmet is the Sutton Hoo treasure:  a "crested" and masked helmet with  panels of tinned bronze and assembled mounts, the decoration is directly comparable to that found on helmets from the Vendel and Valsgärde cemeteries of eastern Sweden. The Sutton Hoo helmet differs from the Swedish examples in having an iron skull of a single vaulted shell and has a full face mask, a solid neck guard and deep cheekpieces. These features have suggested an English origin for the basic structure of the helmet; the deep cheekpieces have parallels in the Coppergate helmet, found in York. Although outwardly very like the Swedish examples, the Sutton Hoo helmet is a product of better craftsmanship. Helmets are extremely rare finds.

Sutton Hoo : Wikipedia :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutton_Hoo

Headgear at the time of the Battle of Hastings (i.e 11th century) would have been more conical and with a band of metal extending down to protect the nose - as depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry

so we know all this but ...

  • we wanted to use something eye-catching more than accurate on the cover
  • 1066 Turned Upside Down is a compilation of alternative stories, so most of the e-book isn't accurate anyway!
  • we wondered how many people would take note and complain (thus drawing attention!)
  • and well... one of our stories does involve time travel....

there's an interesting article here : Historic UK about armour from Ancient Britons through Roman to Norman

Have your say about how important is accuracy on a cover 
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Cover designed by Cathy Helms, www.avalongraphics.org
Original artwork ©wjarek - Fotolia

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